Welcome to May in Colorado!! Just when you thought you could plant flowers, it SNOWS! So why not paint a sunny day and flowers, right?


The thought for this floral was the tender softness of spring and the energy that I have in anticipation of summer!! Layers of glaze, texture and an organic sense of my palette motivated me to keep on going until the canvas really sings.

And cloudy snowy skies? Not here in my studio….because on a clear day you can see forever. Blue skies smiling at me…nothing but blue skies do I see!!


In the words of Carole King “ You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart”….you know the tune!!  Today the song in my mind that translated to the canvas was John Hiatt’s Lipstick Sunset.  Something just this simple inspired me to rock and roll with COLOR and follow the nudge to paint a loose landscape that was “out there”. Turns out this emotion related to buyers within a week!! Hallelujah!!


Nike says “just do it”. Well, then, let’s just paint it…with TRUTH.

Finding courage to express a thought can be complex initially, then shifts with confidence as layers of color begin to establish a dialogue between the artist and canvas.


STAY TRUE TO YOU brings forward a conversation inspired by a strong visual and sensory memory of places I have been and art I have admired. These impressions collectively and intuitively create a space of comfort to paint with confidence and listen to the nudges, impulses and truths.


1902 William Jordan: “Truth is the rock foundation of every great character. It is the loyalty to the right as we see it: it is courageous living of our lives in harmony with our ideals: it is always power.”





Translation..."too much" in Italian. 

If every picture tells a story, well....THIS story is the tale of 3 girlfriends tasting olive oil, wine & food in Italy. Mama mia, right?

Our EXPERT host was Elaine Trigiani.

Elaine is American, lives in Florence, is fluent in Italian and created 

THE perfect private tasting for us. 

Use my recommendation if looking for a 

TRUE culinary adventure when traveling to Italy!